Serious Change for Our Community

Since his election in 2007, Olmsted County Attorney Mark Ostrem has accomplished so much to benefit our community. By being proactive and getting to the heart of our community’s most pressing issues, Mark has helped achieve serious change.

Drug Court Funding & Expansion

Mark pioneered the effort to establish a Drug Court in Olmsted County. Mark has long been an advocate for getting to the root of the issues within our community, rather than simply treating the symptoms. The Olmsted County Drug Court (OCDC) has been a crucial part of this. The OCDC is a collaborative effort by criminal justice professionals and substance abuse treatment specialists to address offenders’ dependency and break the cycle of abuse. By doing this, the OCDC hopes to reduce drug and substance related crimes, not only benefiting the individuals, but our community as a whole.

After the initial startup a $350K federal grant was secured to expand the OCDC. This means more people can be helped and the OCDC can expand its services and hire additional personnel. By better addressing the root substance abuse instead of simply punishing offenders, we can prevent future crimes and make our community safer.

Truancy Program

Truancy can significantly affect not only a child’s academic success, but their entire future. Instead of outright punishing offending students, Mark wants to be proactive and get to the root of truancy issues. That’s where the Olmsted County Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) comes in. Championed in part by Mark Ostrem, this program aims to address truancy early on, improving attendance and academic success and their futures. The program supports both students and their families in resolving truancy issues.

As Mark puts it:

“The Olmsted County Truancy Intervention Program is designed to promote school attendance by providing early intervention collaboration between children, parents, schools, community agencies, social services, and the county.   The Olmsted County Attorney’s Office is committed to providing each child in the community with a successful academic experience.  In order to do so, it is essential that each child has excellent school attendance.  Education is the foundation for a successful future.” -Mark A. Ostrem 

Public Recognition & Consecutive Terms

Mark’s work for our community has not gone unnoticed. Because of his success and proactive approach to issues, Mark has served three consecutive four-year terms as Olmsted County Attorney. Each term served has allowed him to continue expanding on programs and efforts to make our community safer and to help our most vulnerable citizens. He has also been publicly recognized, receiving the Mayor’s Award for City Service in 2015.

In addition to his achievements as Olmsted County Attorney, Mark has been involved in a variety of legal organizations which aim to improve our community and state as a whole. Together, we can continue marching towards a brighter future. Ready to get involved? Learn more about volunteer opportunities, donate, or contact Mark today!